Ghost Update Released!

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Latro Nov 12 @ 5:01pm 
I thuroughly regret not picking "Freedom" mode upon starting a new game. Worrying about hunger and thirst it a pain in the ass while playing this game. Not a bad feauture, just not for me.
Latro Nov 12 @ 4:54pm 
I must say, this game has turned out to be alot deeper and more interesting than I'd anticipated. I am a bit daunted by the extensiveness of the collecting and crafting one must do though. Would rather just enjoy the story.
KILLERBEARS13 Nov 9 @ 7:09am 
you can unsubcribe and unfollow from the thread that will stop the notifications.
Hoover hover hoovy hooveh Nov 5 @ 2:55pm 
I don't, I really just want everyone in that thread to shut the hell up.
Marbenmin Nov 5 @ 2:38pm 
ash see if you can start something up with that beepbeepimasheep guy...
I wanna see how far it goes and see how toxic the thread can truley get!
Marbenmin Nov 5 @ 10:46am 
Now ya see how toxic that thread is...
Hoover hover hoovy hooveh Nov 5 @ 10:10am 


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Marbenmin Nov 4 @ 7:20pm 
Ash respond to enderaradragon on that thread, I wanna see how far this goes.
I'll you advice through here and I'll see what I can do through the thread itself, me and three guys named, Jack, Weshek, and Coffy have talked on that thread and worked together there before, we'll help ya out, that is if your up to this challange.
Marbenmin Nov 4 @ 7:13pm 
they don't like "newcomers"
Marbenmin Nov 4 @ 7:12pm 
You got nerve buddy...