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Listen, my children, and you shall hear of the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere...

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Welcome to the Community Page for Children of Liberty! You are all Patriots for supporting Children of Liberty in its early access phase, and we can't thank you enough! Please feel free to get in touch with the team, report bugs, send feedback, and get involved!


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Happy Independence Day, Patriots! To celebrate, we are holding a Pay-What-You-Want sale at IndieGameStand![] Pay $1 for a copy of Children of Liberty, and beat the average price ($1.39 currently) to get your hands on the novels Cardinal Points and Fate and Fair Winds from our in-house historian Dory Codington, as well as an exclusive COL artbook and one of our game jam projects, Moonlight: Mistress of Mischief. Oh, and one very special contributor, that being the top contributor, will receive an all-access VIP pass to the upcoming Boston Festival of Indie Games[] at MIT on September 13!

10% of all proceeds go to AbleGamers[], and we have already raised over $200 for them! Even if you already own Children of Liberty, get the game for a friend and help a good cause by supporting AbleGamers too!

Thanks again, Patriots. Have a happy, fun, and safe Fourth of July!
- Dan
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