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As you may know, Comicado is no longer in development, but it has a successor called JugiPaint. The new application, while inheriting most comics oriented features of Comicado, is intended to be more a general painting software, but with some "specialization" features (not necessarily only for comics creation).

Some key features of JugiPaint compared to Comicado:
- new, prettier and more adjustable GUI
- improved layers system and panels
- new, heavily improved brush system with wider range of brushes
- new, heavily improved vector tools

The current, development beta version of JugiPaint is free for download at:

When JugiPaint get available on Steam store, Comicado will be removed from it! There will be a loyalty discount of 60% for owners of Comicado wanting to buy JugiPaint!

JugiPaint is now on Greenlight!
If you wish that JugiPaint reach the Steam store sooner rather than later, please give it a vote.
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