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Greetings Seekers!

We have just uploaded what may end up being the final content patch for CONSORTIUM. Included are a variety of bug fixes and various improvements. For a complete list of what's in V1.23 (spoiler alert!), see HERE. NOTE: To ensure your game makes use of all the latest changes and fixes, start a new universe.


Progress continues to be made on this front, however there was an an unforeseen delay just before we were about to start testing. Specifically, we are having to upgrade the engine to support OpenGL 3.2. It originally supported OpenGL 2.1, but some of our custom shaders were simply not compatible with 2.1. So, the upgrading work is ongoing, and we will continue to keep you updated.

To all Mac gamers eager to play CONSORTIUM: we truly appreciate your continued patience. If you're interested in being added to the Mac CONSORTIUM testing list, just drop us email us at .

CONTEST results

We are happy to announce that the contest has concluded and the results are in! The following folks are the winners:

Alex "Danda" Valero from Spain is the winner of the signed "Spirit of Consortium" poster. Matt Hill from England, Stavros Baltas from Greece and Hightechzombie from Germany have all won a T-shirt!

To everyone who contributed in the contest: THANK-YOU, we really appreciate it.

A couple other things...

To any CONSORTIUM Kickstarter backers reading this: The Kickstarter-only Special Edition is DONE, and we are getting it ready for rolling out. Watch for a KS update later this week! :-)

Finally, we would just like to simply say...we are getting close to the first public unveiling of The Tower Prophecy...

Stay tuned![]

-The iDGi and CONSORTIUM team
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