WazHack gets Multiplayer!

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Yoodiv Oct 2 @ 12:46am 
Holy crap, I didn't know this had multiplayer! Add me to play :)
Mr Winter Sep 24 @ 3:34am 
Hey guys just wondering if anyone knows if there is a limit to the number of players that can be in a multiplayer game at once if there is a limit at all I'm just thinking it would be nice to play with a whole bunch of people using this method while it shouldn't be too demanding on the whole networking jizzlejazzle
comp9 Jul 19 @ 11:44pm 
This multiplayer sounded so unique to me that I picked up 2 copies of the game last week just because I couldn't wait to try it out with my friend. Keep up the good work guys!
BluLizardHero May 4 @ 12:35pm 
At first I thought: Wow this games multiplayer sucks! I did think a little while and I realized that this is the only way to keep it good! So, its actually good multiplayer!!!
lum0s Apr 18 @ 1:48pm 
@841999 Uh yeah, no. Traditional multiplayer doesn't work in a game like this which is essentially turn based. How do you propose that should work? It doesn't work. So don't ask for it.
Randomperson65 Apr 15 @ 12:46pm 
Ummm.... i know a lot of people like this multiplayer style but i don't.I want to interact with my friend not something as bad as this. when i hear multi i think 2, but its not 2 if your the only one in the place. i know you have a looooot to work on in this game but please, work on a multiplayer were i can actually see my friend and he can help me. thank you
Dragonslayerelf Apr 4 @ 3:01pm 
i like classic where u play same dungeon
KittiesAndBacon Apr 3 @ 9:33am 
this excites my body!! <3
Friscoblitz Mar 29 @ 12:12pm 
Bodark.... once the upgrade download is complete, multiplayer will be a choice in your menu
Cavalier17 Mar 29 @ 6:02am 
both me and my brother were playing this, but we just hit a problem, when the multiplayer button is pressed it searches for servers for a few seconds and then the menu disappears forcing you to close the app, nothing we have tried has fixed this, restarted computer, deleted/reinstalled, nothing seems to work.