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Multiplayer in WazHack is unlike any multiplayer you have played before.

In this multiplayer, each player remains in their own instance of the dungeon - which at first seems completely bizarre, but it is the key to keeping all the roguelike elements in the game: your character's time is in no way tied to the time of your fellows, so you can still spend all the time you like playing your character your way.

You face the same creatures, but you will find different loot. The ability to trade loot adds a whole new dimension to the process of staying alive - trade spellbooks for swords!

You can only trade loot while standing together though, so be sure to stay close enough to help each other. You can play different classes, so consider balancing each other's strengths and weaknesses: some combos are quite powerful.

If a player dies, other players can revive them... if they can survive the life draining effect of a dead friend!

There are currently two multiplayer modes: Co-op and Competition. Co-op is the main mode and is as described above. Competition mode is the dungeoneering equivalent to time trials in a racing game - you get exactly the same dungeon, including the same loot, and each player faces the challenges alone (no trading or reviving).

Multiplayer is also multiplatform - your friends on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux can all play together.

Get it on the store now!

Voice chat (such as Steam's built-in system) is strongly recommended.

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