PATCH 1.0.8

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lilheatcrz Aug 20 @ 10:35am 
There's a bug with the level 3 pirate ship encounter where there is one enemy pirate on their ship, and he's trapped behind a ladder. There seems to be some bugged border where he can't leave that area and your pirates cannot get to that area, leaving the encounter incomplete while prohibitting you from continuing without loading.
Beyond that the game is amazing... Please add the Kraken and Cthulhu.
»Div.10M«Borotak Aug 20 @ 2:20am 
pls fix the morale of the crew, i can barely move from towns and their lose morale very fast
IronFox Aug 17 @ 2:52pm 
The solution with the destroyed blocks works only half-ways. As it turns out, my pirates can now board a partially destroyed ship, but most of them cannot leave once the battle is over, leaving me with the choice of either abandoning my old ship or sinking most of my crew...
They just walk to the front of the ship and stay there. Curiously, the captain can leave the ship. Also, sometimes some of the pirates can, but that seems to be inconsistent.
Grimbeard Aug 16 @ 5:25pm 
Since this update, my game freezes and crashes after 30 seconds. I've tried new games and my old save files. Anyone else having this issue?
Marooneagle Aug 15 @ 4:17pm 
something really wierd is going on every time i go into pixel piracy it shows a black screen?
shoeish Aug 14 @ 2:48pm 
Can we please have save slots? When my captain walks the plank himself or my pirates turn into enemies (after all the other pirates have been killed) it would be nice to load up a save rather than force quit and redo.
ismael29h Aug 14 @ 10:54am 
Please, can solve the problem of translation?
The ".ini" files do not work properly.
I was grateful!
koji Aug 14 @ 2:45am 
so today i hit lvl 255 (which seems to e the cap) with my captain and its not going above that. are we going to see content for this level ? :)
Lightforce Aug 13 @ 3:19pm 
Great work to all in the team of Pixel Piracy !! The game was great and it get better with each patch !! :-)
You made a great game with Pixel Piracy !
MrToxicSoap Aug 13 @ 3:09pm 
@GeneralMalarky I totaly agree with you and I think it's a great idea.