Pixel Piracy 1.07 patch released

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Kejser Dickmann Aug 14 @ 11:16am 
Hi. I love this game. Biggest problem is when my cannons shot up the enemy boat and destroys some boxes. That makes my crew get stuck and I have to load. please fix this <3
Also, there seems to be some kind of problem with the sailspeed and sailing skills?
GerovanMi Aug 13 @ 2:47am 
When i`m starting the game on my Apple Computer there is a warning that there are some Data missing. I reinstalled the game but it still doesn`t work. On Microsoft every thing works.
Is that a bug or something like that? Any way to fix this?
Nex Inter Nos Aug 11 @ 7:55pm 
I would recommend combining dexterity and luck into a single stat and intelligence and constitution into a single stat. Strength and agility are waaaaay more efficient upgrades than the others.
Nex Inter Nos Aug 11 @ 7:54pm 
A lot of balancing is needed, dexterity, luck and intelligence are pointless pick ups at the moment. Still possible to easily win the game with a single pirate(or 3). Stat scaling should be less dramatic and experience should be shared amongst the crew but not divided to encourage picking up a crew. The crew also need to be able to learn a skill that would offset the cost of paying their salary(something similar to fishing I suppose but wouldn't require micromanaging the equipment).
Pretentieux Aug 11 @ 6:17pm 
This game is so not ready for full release status. Very work-in-progress. Much disappoint.
koji Aug 11 @ 3:14pm 
you dont need a crew to beat this game just solo this game i did it a couple of times without any cheats or exploits ;)
bipolar_yeti Aug 11 @ 3:05am 
Also I've just noticed that a full bottle of rum seems to recover about 10% morale on my captain. This seems pretty low to me
bipolar_yeti Aug 11 @ 2:42am 
It would be nice to be able to buy items in bulk rather than have to click buy repeatedly. Also it would be nice to not have to wait thirty seconds to board a cannon-less ship if you don't have any ammo for your cannons although that's a minor gripe
Schmuddelfilm Aug 10 @ 5:05pm 
Thanks, but believe me, it's a bug. The morale and hunger droprate increases once you reload. Give it a try. Open a new game on easy, count the seconds it takes your Captain to loose 1 point of hunger (about 16 sec.), then hit the reload button and count again. For me it was about 5-6 seconds. Similar increase in morale drop. Not cool.
chloelegard Aug 10 @ 12:55pm 
Thank you! Game just keeps getting better and better <3