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Hi everybody,

good news here, Mikko is finishing the implementation of the new savegame format. A feature that will allow us to enrich the game with new content and fix the most serious issues that are annoying some of you. To test the new savegame format goodness, we're going to implement different types of islands, add treasures when you kill a ship's captain and enrich bounty quests.

Also I want to emphasize that, from now on, our work on the game will be heavily influenced by Mantis ranking of most voted bugs. So if you haven't done it yet, don't hesistate about going there and vote for the ones you find out as more prioritary, and even comment below about them. That way other players can review and vote for them too if they find out they're relevant or not to them:

What's coming next?

Progress with the new update is coming along pretty smoothly. After working very hard trying to convert as much data from the old save system to the new ones, Mikko made it for all items, player stats, ship configuration, undiscovered islands. The only data that couldn't be recovered is the one coming from islands that have been visited already. Also I want to thank our testers who are dedicating many hours to check out if every game function is working out well in the new format, thanks Adrien, Patrick and Zack!

Why do we need your help?

Revamping something as foundational as our savegame format is not an easy task, it needs tons of extra hands that can help us testing how as many of the possible game configurations convert to the new system. So it will be awesome if you can help us in at least one of these two ways:

1. Sharing a link to your old savegame with us (you can use dropbox, mega, rapidshare, etc)

2. Volunteering to join our testing group. We need some extra hands who can help us testing out how old saves get converted to the new format. That way our next public update (containing the conversion system) will be much more polished when released.

Thanks for your support.

Mikko and Jesús.
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