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Hey there everyone. Alex Poysky here once again to give you an update on what we've been working on this past month.

As I stated at the beggining of this month, we are working on a series of major patches that will be launched each month until april, which I will comprehensively call EN, HAN, and CED, which will all build up to one final MASSIVE revision to bring the game to the free, Enhanced Edition update.

The update itself is massive, and as I've stated a bunch of times already, we WILL NOT charge any more for it. Call it a massive overhaul, a dlc, or whatever you like, it won't cost you anything. I know I say this every time we mention it but you would be surprised how many people leave comments saying "OMFG THE DEVS ABANDONED THE GAME AND NOW MAKE A DLC FOR IT". I just state it as an obvious disclaimer at this point, as we have at least 7 people working on Pixel Piracy right now!


You can currently play the ALMOST latest iteration of the balance patch by opting in to the BETA page on the pixel piracy properties part of the steam library.


Honestly, waaay too many to count, as I've stated, we have 7 people tweaking the everliving heck out of the game, each stat, each skill, each price is getting an overhaul. As it's an ongoing process feel free to hop in and play around while you wait for the FINAL 1.0 (we will push more balance features like new status effects, drunkenness, poison, heal over time etc in FEBUARY as a 1.5 patch) on the 29th.

LOCALIZATION (Translations and FAN translations):

We've finally done it, it's in, no more half-assed wonky translations. We finally nailed the buggy internal system that kept the game from accepting more than 100 lines of translated code. Now we can translate all 5000 lines of code, and will do so. At first we will sadly have to rely on Google Translate for language except Finnish and Spanish, which we will translate by hand.

The upshot is that we will release the translating toold freely which will let any fan of ours just type in the text in the tool and create their own translation document, which they can send us on our forums or send me directly, and see their work uploaded to the game for everyone to enjoy.

We WILL credit those who spend the time translating obviously!

I must say I haven't had this much fun with pixel piracy in months. The game plays out more like a traditional RPG now, you won't find any more super high tier items dropping on the island next to the start anymore, and the game itself provides a stiff but fair challenge without ever becoming overwhelming.


Pixel Piracy has been in a sorry state lately for a series of reasons that really grind my gears. Most of them have nothing to do with the gaming scene or development at all. LIFE sometimes gets the better of people, and for whatever the reason Pixel Piracy's work came to a crawl.

That's all stopped obviously but it still pisses me off that I could let it come to that state. Vitali is a good friend, a great guy, and he is a brilliant programmer (even if he likes using older versions of NGUI that aren't as good as we'd think in hindisight, lol), but he's just a person at the end of the day.

The stress of taking a small project, one meant for personal use, and turning it into this massive, ambitious thing, stressed him out to points he wasn't aware existed.

When we started Pixel Piracy, I was working at as their head of content managment, and Vitali was working at Treehouse games. He initially had wanted to make the game a small pet project and through my insistence of taking it to a greater level, accepted and we formed Quadro Delta.

He's younger than me, so managing a studio must have been even MORE daunting. It got to him, I saw him change wholesale, the stress almost ate him alive.

Think about it, you have a small prototype, work a 9-5 job like everyone else, and some producer comes and says you have potential to make a game that'll sell like hotcakes, you are obviously Skeptical (Yes Vitali, I saying it is allright for you to be Skeptical :D). You say sure and get to work, and are happy with things until one day it just, goes insane.

I contacted Re-Logic and they picked up our title, and what happened next is what I regret the most. We put a lot of hard work into it, but still hadn't generated enough revenue to HIRE more people. I worked V to the bone, not in a bad sense but in the sense that I kept pushing him to achieve more than he alone was capable of.

He broke. Literally. I think I BROKE Vitali XD. I saw him kind of phase out and focus on getting the job done and that's that. Practical, quick, efficient, not artistic and full of life, which is when the buggyness started happening. Getting things done QUICKLY and EFFICIENTLY is not getting them done PROPERLY in the world of programming.

We royally dropped the ball, scrambled, launched the game and used the money to hire a maintenence programmer (Mikko) to fix the crapstorm.

NO we did not abandon the game, NO we didn't cash in. We messed up, pure and simple.

The worst part of it, the one I have regretted privately until this very moment, is the fact that this ordeal discouraged Vitali from FINISHING his own game. He has since begun working on a new, incredible project and is letting Mikko finish Pixel Piracy. This project has a VERY healthy base, he is doing everything right this time, and it's 100% multiplayer.

I know MIkko will get the job done, and it'll be great, but I wanted to straight up apologize for not having had the foresight to have hired him two months EARLIER. If we had, V wouldn't have become discouraged and things today would be a bit different, you wouldn't have had to put up with bugs, with a premature launch.

I also want to take it upon myself to apologize to Re-Logic for this. I feel they put their trust in us and we failed them to an extent. Regardless of how well we are doing NOW, we still messed up THEN.

In any case we are all human beings, we all succumb to stress, we were both new to developing PROFESIONAL titles, and all that is done and behind us.

It's why I took a stance with Vitali to push Pixel Privateer's launch back and offer the current version for free. We are NOT going down this road again, we are taking things in a profesional sense without losing sight of who we are as individuals.

He's going to hate me for posting this, but it's also something he deserves, as well as the rest of the team, and YOU guys for putting up with our crap.

At the end of the day I'm just a dude sitting in front of a computer with a blanket wrapped around him because it's cold and anxious to go upstairs to open up my Magic the Gathering From the Vault 20 box I just bought, Jaakko is a guy who does Yoga and fell on his ass this afternoon because there was ice on his driveway and hurt his wrist, Mikko is an ex WOW addict who likes sending funny GIFS, Tuomo is a calm and very practical guy who likes getting the job done, Nino is the amiable and silent type who smiles calmly, even when frustrated, Kole is an awesome composer, a dear friend and he ALWAYS asks how people's days have been, Jesus is the incredibly energetic type, probably talking to someone with his great booming laughter and moving his hands around so much that he reminds me of that Ship Salesman from Monkey Island, Vitali loves his cat and counterstrike and ESPECIALLY Ksenia, his girlfriend and is an absolutely spectacular friend who has always trusted my judgment and to whom I will be grateful forever for having done so.

What I'm trying to say is, we're getting the job done, we are normal, regular people. Good people who mess up and face the music and criticism head on and try and do things better the next time!

Thank you for sticking with us, we are about to prove it was worth the wait!

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