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Hey there everyone, I just wanted to let you all know that I haven't been updating the announcements page due to me having had to get some urgent medical care.

My legs straight up gave out on me and I was in incredible pain. It turns out I had a pretty crappy swollen bit of muscle tissue right on top of the nerves that support my lower back, hence me having been crippled by pain!

Interestingly enough it only required a simple anti-inflammatory shot right on the source. The BAD part was that the source was INSIDE my spine so, yeah, 9 cm needle inside the spine, something I WON'T reccomend. 0/10 would not crippling pain again!

Anyways, I'm back at work and have been informed that Mikko has been hard at work tweaking shop values, loot tables, in his own words...

"...currently underway are shops and loot tables, with some revisions in place already, and others coming after playtesting rounds... tools are in place to easily modify all of this data, bottleneck is currently the amount of testing and feedback based on the beta builds we can get in (for example: I feel that this and this sword costs too little or drops too early in the game)
Aaron and Zack, the two most active testers are busy with their lives and it's not the same as having someone work QA full-time"

The more we test, the better we can tweak, so I'd like to shout out to anyone with testing experience to get in touch via our forums[] and see if we can speed things along!

Hope you are having a great month, happy Valentines day!

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