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Hi everybody,
here we are with a new update loaded with some remedies for a few annoyances you spotted out during last weeks. Specially remarkable are the one related to crazy fast flipping movements when your character has tons of AGI points (and/or a light steps skill with too high level). Also we've disabled poop damage to avoid fightings amongs your crew (we'll leave it that way until we fix the infamous poop teleporting bug and all cleaning AI related bugs we find).

Bug Fixes
  • Player was unable to place ship blocks over the shop window while shoppping for ship parts
  • Fixed bug where characters would get stuck when moving at very high speeds
  • Placing ship blocks very fast caused the pathfinding grid to be misplaced
  • When capturing a ship, camera position wasn't centered on the new ship afterwards.
  • Fixed banana and coconut trees being drawn too low.

  • Re-added the view & report bugs button to the main menu
  • Temporarily disabled flying poop damage
  • Blueberries and Raspberries have revised stats (+5 hunger and +8 hunger respectively)

We've added back the bug report button to the main menu, so it will never be easier to let us know what's not working in the game or any improvement you can think of.

Alongside, Mikko is working very hard on the new savegame format. Hopefully in a few weeks we'll be able to publish the first update of the game with some great improvements thanks to this system.

Thanks for your support.
Mikko and Jesús.
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