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Hi there everyone!

Alex Poysky here with an update on the key giveaway.

I appear to have shown up on Spain's national news page (20 minutos . es), which is what I believe is causing this incredible influx in people, which is both a great thing and a difficult one, due to a particularly nasty individual.

This morning someone knocked our server out, ruining the fun giveaway we have been having and trying to take the christmas gifts I'm giving you away.

So far, a whopping 22,024, that is the equivilant of around 50 thousand euros worth of keys have been given out to people in need.

I don't want to stop now, so I'm going to ask the public to help me out.

I will use reddit as a medium to keep on giving out keys, to be more precise,

THIS post

But it would be awesome if you all spread the word to other Reddit channels!

As a personal favor, I'd be extremely happy if you guys helped me contact the press, social media, YOUTUBERS in particular, and let them know that I WILL give them each a hundred keys to hand out to you, with further hundred key increments being handed out if they ask me for more.

I'm not going to let a small group of unmentionables ruin this charity drive for everyone else.

If we work together we'll be able to spread the word and get this game to people who don't have the means this holiday season.

I know there's people abusing it but I honestly DO NOT care so long as I reach those who really do need the cheering up. If you have abused the system, and gotten a key you don't really need, feel free to help out by spreading the word to social media, the press, and reddit.

EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS, I promise, and I'd love for you all to be a part of something charitable and kind during this holiday season.

As a PERSONAL favor, to those who have recieved a key and like the game, I'd like to cordially INVITE (no obligation at all what-so-ever) to write a steam review. I personally read them all and would love to hear feedback from each and every one of you.

I WILL NOT hand out keys in the response section below, my personal twitter, my personal skype, or my personal e-mail. Not to be inconsiderate, but I simply can no longer read the thousands upon thousands of e-mails A DAY that I get. PLEASE stick to the reddit and if I can get to the press we'll be that much better off!

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