Turbo Dismount Update #1

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knoedelking Feb 5 @ 10:29am 
the sasquatch is a bit to jumpy pls make it more stable jumpwise
GoatSim2014! Jan 25 @ 1:00pm 
i aggre plz plz plz plz plz plz make it for mac im drowning in my tears!!
jswenson816 Jan 23 @ 2:05pm 
please please please make it for mac!
lcgameboy93 Jan 22 @ 4:14pm 
You guys should make a destruction berby level AND a level with a plane diving straight into the ground.
Don Porleone Jan 22 @ 10:20am 
level editor someone?
HAMY SHANKY Jan 20 @ 11:15pm 
make a gocart!
Doge Jan 20 @ 6:45pm 
Add an option to make your own level,pls,if u make this,THE GAME WILL MORE AWESOME THAN ALREADY IS!
Another idea:a vehicle editor,this will be hard to make to the game,but it will be so awesome.
discopennio Jan 20 @ 3:14pm 
im buying this but plz make full level editor / maker if you havent some flying things and
to be able to control the vehicle if you can do some of my ideas i would be thankful if you cant still thankful for the amazing price for awesome game congrats for getting it on steam
Slender_Dan Jan 18 @ 7:33pm 
A free camera instead of following a target would be nice. and the ability to control the vehicle. Levels, vehicles, and features I know will come in time though.
The Great Sheep Herder Jan 18 @ 5:02pm 
Yes, add the ability to save replays!