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Step into a magical world unlike any other!
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Be one with the land! Reborn brings the removal of the old energy mechanic known as Vim - and in its place is a gathering system centered around natural ways to gather and craft.

Players who own existing Vim-related items will be able to trade them in for powerful in-game rewards - rest assured no matter how much time or money you have invested into the Vim mechanic, it will not be lost.

At the heart of the new system are supplies - natural supplies which, when used together with a gathering tool, will make you gather faster and find better materials. There are four kinds of supplies, one for each gathering skill:

Find supplies by gathering
Supplies are found as you gather - gathering one kind of resource gives you the supplies you need to gather another. Fishing Worms, for instance, can be found by searching for bugs, which in turn uses Nectar that can be found while harvesting plants. In addition to this, sometimes you find supplies for the kind of gathering you are currently doing - so you may also find Fishing Worms by fishing, Nectar while collecting bugs, and so on. See how it works for each skill below!

Some supplies are better than others
All supplies come in three different rarities. Since you can also gather with no supplies if you choose to, this means that there are four different ways of gathering:

Trade and exchange supplies
Superior and Premium supplies are always tradeable with other players. Common supplies are not, but they can still be traded with certain NPCs - the Coterie of Gatherers, or C.O.G. for short. There are several kinds of C.O.G. members - take a look at all of them below!

Stay Tuned...
Over the next few weeks, many more new features for Villagers and Heroes: Reborn will be announced. This is only the beginning of the journey.
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