Major 3089 Update: New textures, content & more!

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Houser_ 15. touko 20.26 
Your "artist" is really something.
GrnPixel 28. helmi 15.27 
Workshop? Why workshop?
Raccoongamer 28. helmi 12.57 
workshop support or gtfo -_-
aldersley27 28. helmi 10.21 
you should add steam workshop support
aldersley27 28. helmi 10.20 
THIS GAME IS AWSOME!!! youve really oudone yourself, phroot
Reignhardt 27. helmi 18.54 
Thank you so much for making this great game!!!
The King of Space 27. helmi 14.17 
Awesome update!
Swawa3D 27. helmi 11.05 
Hope you guys enjoy the new robot and ship textures. Let me know what you think. I'm also working on improving more textures for the buildings, walls, etc. which should be in the next update.
@RealJerrySeinfeld 27. helmi 10.47 
You're one of the great indie devs out there.

Thanks for all your hard work, man.
phr00t 27. helmi 10.32 
Here is the full changelog, including v1.2.2 changes: