v1.0.14: Multiplayer quest fixes, new menu & more!

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Little Kitten 4/fev/2014 às 21:38 
Funny game :) will there be achievement added :)
☁Hogwaffle☁ 23/jan/2014 às 18:53 
This game is awesome!
phr00t 22/jan/2014 às 14:11 
Few! Thank you for the quick response, Lapino -- much appreciated :-) Sorry for the downtime!
Lapino 22/jan/2014 às 14:10 
Yup, work like a charm:P
phr00t 22/jan/2014 às 14:04 
OK guys, the Steam build should be working now of v1.0.14!
Sum Ting Wong 22/jan/2014 às 13:55 
Lapino: Linux Mint ftw! ^^,
phr00t 22/jan/2014 às 13:42 
I'm reverting to v1.0.13 until i get the whole v1.0.14 uploaded, which should be pretty soon...
Lapino 22/jan/2014 às 13:36 
Oh right, I'm running Linux Mint 16 64bit, Cpu is a10-5800k ,gpu nvidia GTX 770 with latest proprietary drivers.
phr00t 22/jan/2014 às 13:34 
Yup, uploading the fix now. Some other files changed that didn't get included in the first build... expect the working stuff in a few minutes! Sorry!
Lapino 22/jan/2014 às 13:33 
This update broke my game:/ was working perfectly until now. heres an error message: http://i.imgur.com/0p49Tdy.png