3089 Update & Upcoming Sequel: 4089!

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=PUDDI= LordVanChetoz 7 hours ago 
wait.... if its going to be on a mother ship.... IT WONT BE AN OPEN WORLD ANYMORE?! i've had a very nice experience with 3089 (not so much with 3079, but meh...) so my expectations on 4089 are really high! but for what i read i hope the open world/sandbox style will still be on the game....

BTW: sorry for bad english xP
Zim 21 hours ago 
Welcome one and all to 4089 ... the minigame before he releases 5089 which is the minigame before he releases the all new minigame 6089..... you get the picture guys, He may as well just say leave your credit cards and go. What a joke
reco.dromen Jul 20 @ 6:37pm 
will Intel be compatible? i remember not being able to play 3089 even after removing all previous java versions, reinstalling latest, and updating the intel driver.
0. DR Jul 4 @ 6:21am 
one day your going to do something revolutionary phr00t, ill be cheering you on
I'm very excited for 4089 and so glad to hear of your influences and enjoy what you've done with the modern gaming methods here.

Two words for success because every game that has them like WoW, etc. that does them well does well-- "Epic Mounts" --could be robot armor (Titanfall), could be Tanks and VTOLs (Halo), could be random trash mobs (WoW & clones), but if you want to see your game go crazier places, and I know I do, try to be the first game to proceedurally generate mecha that you can hack / control / pilot.

Added on FB, looking forward to the release!
Glen Chico Jul 2 @ 6:45am 
Great game!!!
Deadjack [FR] Jul 1 @ 11:44pm 
Amazing work. In one year i've discovered 2 games from you.
Continue like this... maybe adding some organic creatures would please me.
4089 reminds me System Shock 2... is it your inspiration ?
[Sky9] Evil Cat Overlord Jun 20 @ 2:53pm 
One more thing: could you put upgrading components back in 4089? I missed them in 3089, although they kinda turned into chips. I would still like upgrading components from 3079 back into 4089.
Hemmingjay Jun 17 @ 11:47pm 
This is great news and I can't wait! I think I have over 100 hours in 3079 and 30+ in 3089. I would have had much more if I wasn't working so much. I will be first in line to purchase 4089 and can't wait to devote an entire week to it's launch! These games are always a bargain considering the amount of content they provide and the generous pricing. Thanks for not taking advantage of your audience and choosing fair pricing. I wish more devs would.
[Sky9] Evil Cat Overlord Jun 17 @ 7:46pm 
Also, is 4089 going to take place a thousand years after 3089? Just wondering, since the 30x9 games seemingly took place ten years after the previous game.