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Take responsibility of operating large all-terrain Soviet vehicles and venture across the rugged landscapes with only a map and compass to guide you. Explore the levels and unlock portions of the map whilst discovering new trucks, fuelling stations, garages and lumber mills.

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Hi Everyone,

As you may or may not know, we had another meeting with Pavel recently to plan for the next couple of months. This outcome has covered us for the next 2 months and here is the itemized list, less release dates.

The reason for no release dates being set is due to us still awaiting the completion of the Mod support. From what I have been informed it is close to release - but the creases are being ironed out before it is made public. There would be nothing worse than to release a buggy mod support, so we are making sure it is finalized before release.

Mod support will be released before work on updates listed below are initiated.

First Update (Estimated development time: 7 days) - Release date: To be set/confirmed
- Mud physics and too much in places, Inconsistent and too deep in places
- Xbox customize controls
- Default camera will be mirrored for equal viewing around vehicle
- Map cloaking off for easy mode as an option

Second Update (Estimated development time: 17 days) - Release date: To be set/confirmed
- SP saves fixed from loses upon updates.
- MP saves

Free DLC (Estimated Development time: 29 days) - Release date: To be set/confirmed
- 1 - 2 new game modes
- 1 - 2 trucks
- 1 map

Any further information will be posted in due course, but this was the outcome of our meeting to ensure a basic schedule for the following months.

[UPDATED: Screenshots of Spintires editor and Truck viewer]
Truck viewer[]
Spintires editor 1[]
Spintires editor 2[]
Spintires editor 3[]
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