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Pixel Boy and the Ever Expanding Dungeon

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Pixel Boy and the Ever Expanding Dungeon

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Pixel Boy is an Action-RPG Shoot-em-up with dynamically generated stages across four acts each with an epic boss finale. Players can craft custom armours as well as stack and combine power ups into over 6000 different powerful weapons to overcome the dangers of the dungeon.

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These are the latest fixes and changes to Pixel Boy. Thanks to the community for their support.

**** CHANGES / FIXES ****
•Modified all destructibles in the game to now only take single hits to destroy
•Tweaked survival modes spawning patterns slightly
•Adjusted ammo pickup values to 15 from 10
•Adjusted several enemy AI to be more responsive
•Modified level builders to produce some more variety
•Addressed some Keyboard / Controller bugs
•Fixed many other small bugs reported to us by players (thanks :) )

If you find more issues or there are any inconsistencies please email us at or post on the forums.

Thanks for the patience and support.
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