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- [General] Improved performance

- [Editor] Improved Rifle customization area
- [Editor] Improved Uzi customization area
- [Editor] Improved M240 customization area

- [Fix] Fixed temporary freezes while playing
- [Fix] Fixed memory leak in the editor when moving prefabs across the map
- [Fix] Fixed bug that was blocking the access to Castle Battle matches
- [Fix] Fixed ghost characters
- [Fix] Fixed ghost cubes
- [Fix] Fixed weapons glitching inside walls
- [Fix] Fixed terrain temporarely disappearing while digging
- [Fix] Fixed equipment skin lock
- [Fix] Fixed "hide all" hiding your character's skin
- [Fix] Fixed crash on loading map
- [Fix] Fixed crash on quit
- [Fix] Fixed Uzi muzzle
- [Fix] Fixed Equipment skin preview
- [Fix] Fixed join/leave messages
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