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- [Gameplay] Mecha vehicles

- [General] User dedicated server BETA (must be downloaded separately, follow this guide:
- [General] Server bandwidth was optimized

- [Map] The Overprison (Assault map), supporting Mechas
- [Map] Insurgent City (Team Deathmatch map), supporting Mechas
- [Map] Underground Duel (modified)

- [Editor] Added Mecha Editor
- [Editor] Added a Sci-Fi blocks pack
- [Editor] Additional space for custom weapon construction
- [Editor] Removed magazine from MP5 and AK47 minimum skeletons

- [GUI] It is possible to disable custom weapons skins or custom mechas from the in-game "Players" menu

- [Input] Minimum mouse sensitivity decreased

- [Weapon] MP5 weight was lowered to 4.5 Kg

- [Fix] Server freezes fixed
- [Fix] Sometimes anti-aliasing was enabled also when explicitely deactivated
- [Fix] Fixed a bug inside voxel raycasting code
- [Fix] Fixed a bug in character preview panel
- [Fix] Now you can add blocks directly on sand (under water)
- [Fix] The shader of the equipment platform was broken on Mac Os X
- [Fix] Grenades were doing crazy jumps when intersecting spawn points
- [Fix] Fixed a bug in the target threshold in Hunt mode
- [Fix] Minor fixes
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