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It's uuup! Go go go!

Here's the recap of all the totally sweet game things you can get once you connect your 56k modem to download the update!

New stuff!
  • New world: The chilly distant system called "Forsaken"!
  • 3 new arenas: The High Ground (featured at The Next Level PAX East tournament), The Clash, and Moebius
  • New visual effects across the board
  • New arena visual detail - crystals in Asteroid X and moss in Neo Flopicron
  • UI updates, including a move of in-game score to bottom of screen (configurable in the options menu)

  • Zones - bubbles act more like liquid now with a bit of resistance as you swim through them
  • Heart Throb - the heart throb now gradually slows down and becomes easier to catch the longer they have the heart
  • Arenas have been moved around a bit into different worlds
  • General bug fixes including fixed scoring for Team mode and Zones and optimized game and level loading
  • New controllers supported where possible based on the surveys sent back


New costumes
  • Ice Cream matching set
  • Spartan helmet
  • T-rex hat
  • New battle companions! Paddington the Cat and Carl the Warrior Snail! (and a donut)

Want to tell us how much you love pushing your friends into lava, how COOL the ice world Forsaken is, or that you feel that Carl is overpowered? Let us know in the community hub!
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