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Create 3D content for fun, games, 3D printing, education or business by typing simple text descriptions.

BrainDistrict GmbH today released, an innovative new technology that allows anyone to create great looking 3D objects, scenes and environments easily and quickly by typing text commands, and in the future by speech.

Text-to-3D (TT3D) is a free cloud-based text rendering service, where users can easily login and begin creating scenes and objects at will.

How it Works:

Users simply type a sentence that describes the image they have in mind –
“a picture of Marilyn Monroe on the wall”, for example, or “a glass table on the floor”
– select the Render button and Text-to-3D will convert the text description into a 3D image in your scene.

Eventually users can create scenes like this

Users can then add to the scene using the objects and materials which are currently in the content library, they can also move the objects around, change the color of the objects, the sizes, materials and even the time period all by typing the descriptions.

Watch Text-to-3D in action via this video link

Not only is Text-to-3D powerful and extremely intuitive, but its also free! In addition to some very cool technology, there is a growing community of users who contribute objects to the database, which makes the Text-to-3D experience richer each day.

Who is Text-to-3D for?

Text-to-3D is for everyone to experience and benefit from in various ways.
  • For anyone interested in creating 3D scenes that never imagined they could.
  • Gamers, architects and professional modelers who need to create a scene or environment in 3D, where time saving is essential.
  • For fun to share via social media networks, or communities to create different projects.
  • Businesses as a unique marketing tool for branded products.
  • For education, example - creating historical scenes in 3D, or class projects that can be worked on with multiple users.
BrainDistrict GmbH will also be making the Text-to-3D service available for desktop, mobile, tablet and Television devices very soon.

Originally posted by Markus Moenig:
“Everyone loves 3D, however to date, only a very small percentage of people are able to create 3D scenes and images. This is about to change; everyone will now have the power to create a 3D scene on his or her mobile, tablet or any device in a matter of minutes by simply typing text. Our goal is to give every English-speaking user complete freedom in his or her creativity. In addition to rendering cool 3D scenes, users will also be able to create games, and small movies using text and speech. This will change how we interact with 3D Graphics forever.”
Says BrainDistrict GmbH founder and CEO Markus Moenig.

Text-to-3D uses patent-pending technology and leverages BrainDistrict’s flagship 3D modeling and rendering program, RaySupreme 3D, which serves as a development platform for text enabled objects and materials.

The philosophy behind Text-to-3D aims to encourage 3D artists and other users to contribute objects, materials and language extensions to the Text-to-3D Cloud, so that over time the site will grow to house a rich library of 3D content that anyone can access for free.

In addition, BrainDistrict plans to allow commercial sponsors to develop and contribute sponsored content; so creating a new and powerful web-based platform for promoting branded products for example.

For full details and the opportunity to experience this revolutionary technology first hand, please visit
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