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RaySupreme v1.6 is now available on Steam.

v1.6 contains many bug fixes and smaller enhancements compared to v1.53 which we don’t list here in Detail.

Bigger new Features are:

• New tab-based UI.
• Adjustable color scheme (dark/light gray). Skin can be switched in the View menu.
• 3D Systems STL export support.
• Selected object(s) isolation for convenient editing (context menu).
• Ultra quality rendering (on top of Highest).
• Camera now can be disabled (not drawn in Scene View) and locked.
• RaySupreme can now be switched between Project and Template modes.
• Switch to new Database which is used by and which contains many new Objects and Materials.

v1.6 also has Ubuntu 14.04 support.

We apologize again for the late delivery of the software. Updates, both for Bug fixes as well as new Features, will now be uploaded frequently.


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