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Thank you everyone for taking part in the Cloudbuilt Level Editor competition! We have had an exhilarating time exploring, speed-running and falling off of the creations submitted over the last month. The level editor has been wonderfully adopted as we had hoped and already Cloudbuilt has many more levels available to play than we could have ever created.

Without further ado, the first winner of the Mad Catz Tournament Edition R.A.T. and matching mouse mat is Kalifen with his entry "What goes up must come down"! Kalifen's level (linked below) features some eloquent wall running and generous use of Defiance's newly added boosters creating a whirlwind rush of a level. Be warned, intermediate skill is required however we fully recommend giving it a shot!

Coilworks have also chosen their favourite design to be awarded the Mad Catz mouse bundle. Here’s a message from them about their choice pick and some special mentions:

The community level that won our Coilworks choice is Chi Pa Pa’s Cacophony. It feels good to play, has a nice challenge level and have an interesting atmosphere.

There were a lot of great levels and we had a lot of fun playing through them all. We of course agree with the community that Kalifen made some truly amazing stuff but we would also like to mention a couple of other creators that made some levels that we really found to be extra interesting.

Three Paths by Bunny
Bunny showed just like Kalifen some really creative stuff, and many of the challenges were really inspiring.

Pyramids by Ztodko
Ztodko made a huge effort by working with a unique level theme, and trying to build up an interesting atmosphere. There was even a newly sculpted statue!

Mine F*** by Zanarias
Zanarias probably made the most confusing level of all and it was a true mess to play, but intentionally so. We had a lot of fun struggling our way through it, treating it more like a puzzle than anything else. We even started giving each other tips and sharing solutions while playing to try and conquer it as a team! We found it very interesting but it’s definitely an acquired taste.

Once again a big thank you from all of us here at Rising Star Games and Coilworks to the community for supporting the launch of the Cloudbuilt level editor.

Both competition winners will have received a friend request from RSG’s Spoonparty and he will ensure your prizes find you safely.

Have a great weekend!

-Rising Star Games and Coilworks
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