Fix 1.306 ST released

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aman_ciman 2014年4月20日上午2:39 
Havent played this game since childhood. im gonna buy this game. :3
-JP- 2014年3月12日上午7:40 
Tesla: Try to upgrade your OpenGL video drivers...
JinStrife 2014年3月10日上午1:48 
Goser 2014年2月21日上午12:25 
nice, keep it up!
Tesla 2014年2月19日上午10:16 
Just bought the game. On my not-too-bad PC with Windows 8.1 where Far Cry 3 is feeling quite well J'n'G runs slow as hell, can't play, mouse in menu having 2 second lags. Any suggestions?
Vaagur 2014年2月13日下午8:22 
Thanks for the rotary cage!