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After much discussion about the game balance on forums, here is a major update of the game parameters. List of changes:

1.308 ST (3.6.2014)
  • Most weapon damages and prices have been altered to get more balanced damage per buck ratio. Many weak weapons have been significantly buffed.
  • Minor fixes to weapons (missing shot streams etc.).
  • SpaceHog devices are fixed.
  • Transported H.I. upgrades give +500 of hit points instead of +250.
  • Lowered difficulty in "beer" levels. Enemies have less hit points.
  • Raised difficulty in late game levels. Enemies have more hit points.
  • Justin Perfect has lowered hit points. Other bosses and special enemies have a significant increase of hit points.
  • Fixed following paths of enemies during low FPS and with vsync on.
  • Rotary cage angle is reset after a change of ship. Jet Packer and other forced ships do not shoot askew.
  • Fixed 0 key in Atarix.
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