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Hey everyone! I'm here with some news about future of Rake in Grass. We spent a lot of time this year updating our latest action game Rampage Knights. But we also started to work on our next project.

I can proudly announce now that the new game we are working on is Jets'n'Guns 2! Here's the first footage of the new project:
The game is still in the beginning phase of the development and we have a long walk ahead of us. But we got a lot of groundwork done already - level objects and decorations, basic framework for enemies and weapons, physics, etc.

If you are interested in the news about Jets'n'Guns 2 and want to be in touch with the development more closely you can follow our blog, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube channel. I also tested some alternative media and set up a new account at Here are the links:

RiG's web site and blog:

I hope you like the news and help us to get this thing of the ground!

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