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Last Knight's Musketeer Knights

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Official Steam group of the game Last Knight.

All for fun, fun for all.

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It is Halloween already in Last Knight!

Grab yourself a pumpkin, carve some holes in it and throw it on your head or on your helmet.

As it is Halloween, fading beings of the spiritual world, also known as ghosts, to be precise ghost rider, roam the kingdom. But do fear them not. Rather look above, bad weather might struck you down! With a flash that is. Most importantly look out for all those fancy randomly generated pumpkin hats you can find. Skeletons and Bucket Heads of course wear them too. You got to adapt your fashion to this seasonal event, because nothing is more important than getting wasted with style.

Anyway, enough of the talk, jump into the saddle and ride into the night or rather wicked Halloween darkness - or most likely a painful death!

- In case you are scared of all this and want to snicker out you can do that now, when you right click in the Library on Last Knight you can go in the Properties and under Beta you can choose No-Events which is simply the regular version without any events.

If you got a 3D printer and still need some real Halloween decoration check out this official Last Knight skeleton remodeled to a fully moveable haunting thing:
Or some little pumpkins which share a similiar design to those you find in Last Knight:
Or Print the Knight helmet:

Happy Halloween!
David Hagemann
Toco Games
@TocoGamescom -
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