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Official Steam group of the game Last Knight.

All for fun, fun for all.

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Sweet Christmas!
Sweet, sweet, sweet, Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells!

Yes, you guessed right, the X-Mas event in Last Knight has now started. That means you have to sing along while you ride through the snowy wondeful winter wonderland, where snow is wonderfully falling on the land.

Make sure to decorate some trees along the way, pick up lots of presents, smash some snowmen, throw giant snowballs, eat the turkeys, eat the candy canes and yes, you have to sing all the time while doing so! Or you die, well, you probably die in any case. No exceptions for the Christmas time!

You forgot the lyrics? Shame on you! Here we go:
Last Christmas
I gave you my Knight
and the very next night
your head rolled awayyy ayy ayyy ay ayyyyaayay yeahhhhhhh ayay ayyiiiii ay

Ok, I trust In you that you remember the rest now. Otherwise Santa might explode right in front of you.

Under Endless you find the
The Big X-Mas Chow Down (Nom Nom Nom, Boom) and
The Big X-Mas Mow Down (Smash Smash Smash, Death)

If that is all too much for you and you want to snicker out you can opt out of the event at any time:
- when you right click in the Library on Last Knight you can go in the Properties and under Beta you can choose No-Events which is simply the regular version without any events.

That News:

On another note, In case you wondering what Toco Games is up to. It is up to destroying worlds. Because conquering worlds is for beginners!

In this setup the gravity is shown with the glow rings and the velocity of the projectiles with the Scale

It is a Little Big Artillery Physics Space Sandbox game. Almost everything can be randomized or manually changed and saved in presets. That includes the whole solar system, gameplay settings, physics and lots of visual things. The planets are detailed generated and you can on the fly cycle through it to find a planet of your liking:

You can zip with warp mode through the universe to fully randomly generated systems where you find a worthy opponent at each or play against a friend in local multiplayer. With it all that random generation there will be of course also a endless mode.

Look out for it early next year! The working title is called Dots In Space: Destroyer Of World. In the mean time there is a Twitter bot I made that generates planets for your eyeballs:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,
David Hagemann
Toco Games
@TocoGamescom -

May the world be still there next year, maybe it ain't, you never know!

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