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Last Knight's Musketeer Knights

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Official Steam group of the game Last Knight.

All for fun, fun for all.

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It is that special time of the year, you know that time with the eggs and the bunnies. This of course means you have to eat all the bunnies you can find and something something eggs. Or maybe it was jousting all the bunnies and eat all the eggs till you explode. Either way, important is to find some bunny mask so you can ride with style for this festive occasion.

Here is the introduction to the Easter event:

In this Easter event masks and hats are much easier to find, just look out for some giant Knight Suprise TM eggs.

Here is a small sample of the randomly generated bunny masks:

Still need some badass easter decoration? 3d print a badass mutated bunny head:

While the Easter event is going on you can also search for Easter Easter eggs in the menus which change things in various ways. Just click on them to crack them open and again to deactivate them.

Happy Easter!
David Hagemann
Toco Games
@TocoGamescom -
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