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Included in this Update:
  • The Zeppelin boss that has plagued us and all of you with issues is fixed!
  • General launch crashes have been addressed.
  • Boss intro music for TS1 has been updated.
  • More desyncs in Multiplayer have been caught and resolved.
  • Minor tweaks, audio fixes and other issues addressed.

A Message From Toy Soldiers Producer, Logan:
Originally posted by Signal @XShadowStormX:

It has been a long time since our last update as Signal was focused on shipping Toy Soldiers: War Chest. Thank you all for your patience and helpful repro bugs which made it possible for us to move right over into fix-it mode and ultimately has made this patch possible!

We are hopefully at the final patch or an update away from taking this beauty out of Early Access and moving it the big wide world to allow other players to join you well experienced soldiers on the multiplayer battlefront!

Please make sure to continue to update us on the forums if you are still experiencing any issues so we can address them.

If you need to, you can always send questions to me on the forums or poke me if you see me online and available.


A finale note:
If old issues creep up, give these steps a quick try first:
  • Go to the Main Menu and select Help and Options.
  • At the bottom of that menu select Reset Game Progress.
  • Press Enter to Confirm.
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