Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Battle of Bucharest 2017

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Dr. Richard Biowulf Jul 16 @ 2:18am 
"They focused on ESO" Bethesda did not develop ESO, so no "focosuing" there ^^
And yes, if games do have a time plan and no major problems occure, they don't take that long, depending what games you are talking about.
Bethesda, Ubisoft and Co. are big ass developers, with more than 10k people working there.
TalesWorlds has probably a hundred tops ... This is a big difference, if you want to bring out a big game and a time of 7 years + is not really that much of a suprise.
Only the end result can tell, if it was worth it or not.

And for the "Bethesda Mods", that is probably not going to happen. If it is, it's free 4 all and if it is free 4 all, why not include Steam or Nexusmods? If it is not free 4 all, everyone is going to rant the same way, they did on Steam for there attempt to make "payed mods" ... so ... what ever.
The Hat Jul 11 @ 8:08am 
And by the way I dislike quick sequels, I prefer a team takes 4-5 years, at 6 things are dragging, at 7+ they are at a snails pace.
The Hat Jul 11 @ 8:07am 
Dr. Richard Biowulf, games don't usually take more than 5 years unless there have been problems in development.

@ccbranstad Fallout 4 taking that long was also a joke, they focused on ESO at the expense of their single player franchise, no other logical reason, unless again there were problems in development. The next elder scrolls title is also taking stupidly long, probably tied into changes in their own website platform. I would even bet fair odds that they will only allow mods on bethesda's own website, which will mean we need to hack the game to upload to others.
Dr. Richard Biowulf Jul 10 @ 4:27pm 
@Philepay You can't think of any that has more than 7 years?
How about Duke Nukem Forever : 14 years
Team Fortress 2 : 9 years
Spore : 8 years
So please don't tell people that "games should not take this long to create", if you have no idea "how long games should take" ...
Jeez, people like you ...
ccbranstad Jun 8 @ 9:11pm 
Guys Fallout 4 took like 10 years to make, and is arguably not as good as New Vegas or Fallout 3. I'm pretty sure (Sarcasm intended) that Bethesda is a bigger company than TaleWorlds is, so if they can take a long time on a game then so can TaleWorlds.
Skynet Jun 5 @ 2:53pm 
How long a game takes to make depends on a large number of factors, but it has happened to take more than a decade in a few instances. Applying other games as examples for "how long it should take" is anyhow pointless.

My own guess Bannerlord will release in 2018 latest given the amount of PR work they've been doing recently.
Archize Ragni Jun 5 @ 1:58pm 
I waited about 10 years for D2 to come out, this is horse play.
Killroy Jun 5 @ 7:12am 
JamesOfCragg Jun 5 @ 1:59am 
@DogMakeAMove...Don't be a nob. People realise how hard games are to make. These devs obviously find updating the games progress to its fanbase even harder. If you want to badmouth someone start with them, they deserve it.
DogMakeAMove | 3 Jun 4 @ 11:38pm 
@Zed Stop being childish. Games are hard to make.