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This update spent a long time coming. After many iterations, the parry has finally reached a form that is fair to high and low level players on low and high speed. An array of smaller tweaks are also included.

After the first year of post-release, I've been more or less hands off in terms of character balance. I believe it's a good thing that these things don't constantly change. After consideration I have decided to make an exemption for Dice. He received some tweaks that make his special move faster and a little more versatile.

Parrying at low speed now allows the victim to live, but grants full energy to the initiator. This allows specials to be used to guarantee ball control after release. At high speed, parries become a certain kill instead.

Just activating the parry increases the speed by 3 now. Which makes it harder to constantly spam (as you'll lose the ball over time due to the speed). And can be used as a tool to speed up the ball more without doing a more predictable smash.

Change log:
- Parry hitpause delay scales from 40 to 80 speed, 29 frames to 0
- Additional hitpause delay is added if the player is parried from behind
- Serve Auto-parry knockback is reduced to make it certain-kill
- A successful parry completely fills up the energy meter now
- Special moves can be performed after a successful parry, but will be activated at the end of the hitpause
- Parry knockback stun releases 3 frames earlier when pushed against a wall
- Dice's special ball bounce duration is reduced from 16 to 8 frames
- Dice can now choose to release a bunted ball from the ground by holding 'down'
- Reduced clash knockback
- Endlessly extending parry hitpause bug fixed
- Player release before ball release on parry bug fixed
- Latch sprite fix on taunt
- Switch sprite fix on various frames

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