Two Brothers major overhaul

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WarfistStorm Sep 10 @ 7:58am 
Stay strong, my friend! I pray for the best =\ May your mother heal up well and conquer her illness. Great work too, I must say! Don't listen to those who want you to rush things...your mother and your life come first!
Skexis Aug 29 @ 6:14pm 
Have some sympathy, guys. It sounds like his mom is fighting off illness, and that could very well be part of why there is a delay.
SukinaShinji Aug 27 @ 3:09pm 
Umm, this was posted in May. Based on other peoples comments I guess the actual update still hasnt come? (just got this game in a humble bundle)
Living Joker Aug 23 @ 11:03am 
Words are words. I know I for certain won't be playing this game until words become reality. BKU has the right idea... This game was in the bundle that had Hand of Fate.
[__Mincinerator__] Aug 23 @ 2:30am 
Well if it really is "from the ground up" it would naturally take a while to make so being patient is really the only option here.
roh Aug 22 @ 12:42am 
i really hope you're not fooling us. This announcement is three months old.
BoxcutterVillain Aug 21 @ 6:41pm 
Cool thanks. Just bought it.
SeeJoelPee Aug 21 @ 2:14pm 
Bought purely for the story. I hope you do make it actually nicely playable at some time!
BabyKillingUnicorns Aug 21 @ 12:12pm 
Eh, I have so many games. Even if I bought this, I wouldn't play it for a while, I might as well get it in the humble bundle now and wait for the big update to play.
aguswings Aug 21 @ 11:38am 
no update... a few more weeks = few more months.. i hope it wouldn't mean "few more years" :/