GOTY Update is Live

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Kein 29. Apr. um 18:42 Uhr 
I like the goat enemy.
Evrain 24. Apr. um 18:20 Uhr 
It has a goat. Enough said.
kijib 12. Apr. um 13:28 Uhr 
Dead Gaiko 9. Apr. um 19:16 Uhr 
Is this update not out for Mac yet? I get what I think are the 'screen tearing' problem, and there is not goaty experience on my main menu screen.
Mr. Mayhem 9. Apr. um 5:42 Uhr 
So who voted this GOTY exactly?
Konjus 13. März um 20:11 Uhr 
Please help me! Before this update, this game ran beautifully fast! Now that the update has come, even if I lower the res, lower all the other graphics settings, it still runs slower than molasses!
GhostMexicanWolf 22. Feb. um 17:13 Uhr 
What did you guys add graphics wise? I used to be able to run the game at full graphics, but now I need to like lower the rez in half to make it comfortably fluid.
!Crazy°__°Booster! 22. Feb. um 10:51 Uhr 
the hame is now sexier than before *-*
TheAyJayMan 21. Feb. um 8:31 Uhr 
Im intending to buy it today, I hope it will be worth the $1.
[sketchybastard] 20. Feb. um 14:48 Uhr 
If only it had 1920 x 1080 support..