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Sorry for the delay guys, we've been all wrapped up in meeting Owlboy deadlines and traveling lately, but the new update is finally live for Mac, and it should work for the new El Capitan OS.

The changes are the same as the PC version, but here's the list nonetheless:

Change list:
  • Changed CD achievement from 6 to 7 CDs.
  • Getting to the space stage now requires you to aquire the Philosophers Stone.
  • Golden Enemies no longer disappear in Endless Mode.
  • Removed flash effect on first shot.
  • Adjusted some colouring in the cape upgrade effect.
  • Fixed auto shoot! Press Middle Mouse Button to enter AutoShoot mode. This mode will take away uneccessary strain to your fingers.(remember also that you can press Q to auto-grab CDs)

I will also try to get the Linux update up and running ASAP(hopefully within the weekend).

If you experience any issues with the update, plase feel free to get in touch at support(at)dpadstudio(dot)com or post in the Steam community :-)
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