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We spent the weekend trying to address a few of the bugs that has been reported in the Savant Steam Community, aswell as adding a little something extra!

GOTY mode has now been fixed up, and you can activate it by completing all of the achievements in the game. This will add a button on the Main Menu which let's you turn on GOTY mode.

When GOTY mode is turned on, enemies in the game will be replaced by goats-themed robots(and yes, we know it's a terrible pun).

We've added two new leaderboards for this occation, Vario GOTY(Time Attack) and Endless GOTY.

Other issues addressed in this patch is:
+ Fixed a crash when selecting CDs in the pause menu.
+ Fixed a crash that would occur when using chain attacks on enemy.
+ Fixed a couple of grammar errors.

We will continue to fix issues as they are reported, so please feel free to turn to the discussion community to report any faults.

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