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This update comes with bug fixes for drowning immortals and network servers as well as improvements to modding.

  • Drowning will now trigger immortality and similar effects
  • Stale connections were not reclaimed during Waiting for Participants, could result in waiting forever to connect.
  • 2 friendly currents will now cancel each other out
  • Cheat check for non researched rituals & forging
  • Autohealer will now result in high pretender cost
  • Protection of Geryon immune to forge rebates
  • nohomelandnames resulted in too much population in Ermor
  • More mobile friendly status page for network games
  • Set correct home province for far summoned commanders
  • Impassable borders no longer counted for start locations
  • Bug fix for melee range weapon aiming
  • Improved weapon info
  • Metal armor fixes
  • Stat fixes
  • Event fixes

  • Execute mods before browsing pretenders
  • New monster mod commands: #nowish, #springshape (x4)
  • New monster/item mod command: #addupkeep
  • New monster mod commands: #almostundead, #almostliving
  • Create temporary units in their correct shape
  • Fix for temp summonings with montags
  • Show icon for negative mastersmith ability too

Linux/Mac OSX
  • Flush gl queue before forking
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