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Today we give into your hands the next update - list of changes below:

- Big refactor of game code. Fixed couple of bugs.

- Refactored code responsible for managing state of game panels.

- Moved creation of the company from game screen, to menu screen. Removed starting conference - instead you have the option to select your company CEO from 3 options. Selected CEO will affect the initial image of your company. The image will change during the course of the game.

- Changes to the game interface. End turn button was moved to the bottom left corner. Timeline aligned to the left side of the screen - shows now more months into the future. Inbox button moved to the bottom right side of the screen. Added three toggle switches between timeline and inbox button - tough they dont have any action attached yet. Stats at the top right corner show now counter of threee active ingame currences, money, prestige and popularity.

- Fixed bugs occuring when starting another game without exiting application and when using game settings.

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