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TheGerman5112 Apr 12 @ 11:09am 
Much better price. Finally bought the game!
VIPP1990 Apr 8 @ 11:09am 
I like this price, i would pay around £3.00 for the game. - in the sale if you do a bundle price i will pick up a few copies for friends for x-mas.
comp9 Apr 6 @ 4:11pm 
Congrats, I had initially thought the price was too high and hadn't noticed the game since--didn't even think to give feedback as to that being the reason I wasn't buying it. Now I'll pick it up. Thanks to those who left feedback, you read my mind.
Redlock Holmes Apr 2 @ 6:44pm 
Why do people actually care about trading cards? I find them more annoying than anything. I only want useful shit in my steam INV.
pcmikeoftheup Apr 2 @ 9:22am 
I think the addition of trading cards would clinch it. I'll probably buy anyway, based on the entertainment value of the 25 cent arcade days. If you get an hour or two's worth of fun out of it, well worth a buck or two from the pocket.
Vanz Mar 26 @ 12:16am 
Much better price point. Kudos for changing!
Lungkisser Mar 22 @ 11:26pm 
Cards wouldn't hurt either!