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The Northways have arrived in London! I'm posting this update from the rad London Game Space which is a super cool video + board games bar at night and a hackspace by day.

Version 0.69 is mostly about difficulty balancing, making happiness relevant and personal, and adding a phase of the game after you build city hall and pick a government type. Let me know what you think via the feedback menu in the game. Cheers!

made easy easier and hard harder
happiness now has big affects on fewer individual survivors
added reasons for happiness changes under survivor happiness menu
new mission to chop wood possible on parks and outer woods
can fish on rivers and ocean
city hall and constitution now come 1/2 way through the game
no more choosing a leader or requiring happiness for constitution
every constitution choice is now a policy
5 new policies: priority, property, wealth, crime, nationalism
need constitution before you can meet with or ally with other factions
game now ends after allying with or destroying all factions
(other endings in the works)
must always have at least one faction on the map
other factions start closer to you
new danger colors: green is 0-9%, yellow 10-24%, orange 25-50%
new final art for the faction leaders
bad events less likely on easier difficulties
increased faction strength
factions now immediately go to war if you attack them
scroll through survivors on equipment menu
side notices are now saved and loaded with the game
yellow goal notices stick around forever
new random events
pick tech from a list when starting research mission
fixed resources menu bath salts issue
fixed multiline result titles and underline
fixed (removed) tab highlighting
fixed skirmish menu back button
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