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If you're curious about language modding in Rebuild 3, I've got a page here[] that explains how, and I've set up a place for fans to work together to translate the game here[], since damn it is a HUGE job. Kudos to everyone currently working on it!

Version 1.5.6 changelog (since 1.5.3):
support for more language pack characters and accents
can now upload mods as zip files containing multiple text files
improved handling of google games / gamecenter errors on game load
stop making noise on errors on slower devices
stop logging to cookies on slower devices
reduce logging to speed up performance
improved error handling during backup/restore
flamethrower and flare gun now count as firearms and need ammo
crowbar now classified as melee weapon
fixed "+ distance" danger hover text
fixed recruitment schmooze event
fixed mod persistence on some devices
fixed government rotten mission quest flickering
fixed tutorial danger image
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