Jagged Alliance: Flashback - The next explosive Update

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Charlie Pride Sep 6 @ 2:39am 
You are just now able to relaod? Gish, the game isnt as far along as I'd hoped. Still refraining from buying. Reloading shouldve been in the game from the outset. Its like not being able to run or walk.
KiNGHuNT Jul 13 @ 9:31am 
Keep up the good work .,! WE WANT MORE !
b5001 Jul 8 @ 1:47am 
sounds good
zmanovrbrd Jul 7 @ 4:10pm 
I think I may have laughed my guts up over Airstrike Ivanov's JA2 fix comment. Truly the best posting of 2014
jcordeiro Jul 5 @ 10:02am 
Aparently it was is already in
jcordeiro Jul 5 @ 12:02am 
Can we know the ETA?

Becouse if you want, you can call the next 1000 updates as "patches" and only release the "early access update 1" on 2020.
Dolorous Edd Jul 3 @ 7:52pm 
Sweet. Now I can reload!!!
'Airstrike' Ivanov Jul 3 @ 10:52am 
Sweet! I'm gonna have to bust this out right away. Now I just need my JA2 fix...:D
feytharn Jul 3 @ 10:19am 
Sounds great...unfortunatly I can't test it out until tomorrow, but I am looking forward to this. Please continue to add awesomeness to the game ;-)