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Jagged Alliance: Flashback just got bigger and more badass! With this brand new update we unlock 22 new sectors, introduce grenades and destructible environment, add hand- and submachine guns as well as the ability to reload. Throw a grenade and watch it blow big holes into the environment and your enemies!

Keep your mercenaries healthy, as they can now bleed to death if you don’t patch them up with bandages. Also, don’t forget to pack your raincoat as the new weather system will turn the battleground into a mudslide. Day/night cycles will change fighting conditions fundamentally, so you better ready your flashlight as well. All these new additions will alter your strategic experience - enjoy an enhanced and growing Jagged Alliance: Flashback!

The new update includes:
Advanced Combat (SMGs and Handguns added; Reloading)
Northern Island added - explore 22 new sectors
Grenades & destructible environment
Day/Night cycle
Weather system
Dress your mercenary - more items & armor added
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