Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines

Here are the patch notes for patch 1.6.1-f2!

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DDD Feb 11 @ 7:28am 
sorry i dont know,do you speak chinese?
slenderman Feb 9 @ 1:59am 
I.D.M.M.C Feb 7 @ 2:22pm 
For some reason Game crashes for alot of people especially If you dont have Disasaters DLC
ROFLwut? Feb 7 @ 2:18pm 
Like everyone else, game is now unplayable. Takes an eternity to load, maybe it crashes and maybe it doesn't, FPS is rubbish, crashes on save, blackscreen and drags the computer almost to a halt for several minutes after finally shutting it off in the task manager.

No, it's not my GPU. No, it's not my CPU. No, it's not my RAM. You fked it up.

Oh, and I like how fire trucks will now pull up to a burning building, the firemen will get out and walk around and then get back in the truck and leave while the building burns to the ground.

Keep up the good work!
meapcity Jan 30 @ 4:24pm 
when i go to asset editor and make a vehicle there's no trailers from the industrial section please help me fix this?
I.D.M.M.C Jan 28 @ 7:21pm 
Up to now I have encounter any crashes :)
I say Its Badluck.
Ragnarr Loðbrók Jan 16 @ 1:41pm 
It's only a amazing Game if you like Sandbox,
But if you like Simulation more than Sandbox, this game is Huge dissapointment...

Still hoping Cities Skyline 2 (if it should get produced one day, focuse more on simulation rather than boring Sandbox...)
⎛⎝•ᴥ•⎠⎞ Jan 9 @ 6:17pm 
Great job
LOOPY LUCY Jan 4 @ 3:44am 
Great now all the bugs are gone congrats i'm happy now
TheCrazyHorse Jan 2 @ 7:06pm 
Yes, the game is AWESOME and I recommend it. Still, there is few crash event on my log since I restart to play few weeks ago but that wasn't the cases in the past(few month ago). The game was very playable and very pleasant. Hope dev. will fix the new bug...

I add both DLC(winter+Dark) when I restard to play... maybe it stack up some bug event(many crash since then)?

I just drop many addon I had (asset) and make sure they are compatible with the new DLC. Over that, I don't know what I can do more :P

Even with my problem, I still recommend the game to anyone who like to build HUGE city and like to look at it while it develop itself or even if they prefer to micro manage their city. There is enough "option" in this game for everyone to enjoy :D

Have fun!