RaceNet Challenge // Week 5

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p$ycHoDaD Jul 26 @ 11:25am 
Got all my platinums, and I draft on the bots for better times in time attack, anyways, the bots due suck.
[O-N-U]Dexter ® Jul 25 @ 10:36am 
bfbscorpion encore un super cheater et encore racenet qui ferme les yeux
S4b1n Jul 24 @ 12:47am 
yep, no more bots in time attack !!
Senna-Esque97 Jul 23 @ 6:38am 
WLDN Jul 23 @ 1:11am 
they already bothered me!
WLDN Jul 23 @ 1:09am 
Remove bots from time attack in global challenges!!! Why it fuckin' need???