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GRID Autosport Racers is a Community group dedicated to some great racing with Autosport and later on today (Sept 15th) they've got another event taking place, this time aimed at any beginners.

The Event
For newbies, casual racers, and other mediocre drivers! With the last few events being somewhat competitive, this is aimed at creating an enjoyable experience for those of us who are so-so drivers! Hosted by DaBeastKing and p51rafferty.

Classic Muscle
3 races under Tuner // Classic Muscle, 3 laps each:
  • Hockenheimring // Motodorm Course
  • Autosport Raceway // Club Circuit
  • Autosport Raceway // Oval Circuit

Then 3 races under Tuner // Muscle, 3 laps each:
  • Chicago // Marina City
  • Brands Hatch // GP Circuit (night)
  • Okutama // Sprint Circuit (actually 4 laps here)

Event Rules
  • Grid order: Random
  • Upgrades, tune-ups allowed
  • Collusions on, no detrimental damage
  • 5 Flashbacks

For more info on the event or to get involved, head over to the Steam Group
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