Box Of Tricks Closed Beta and 70% Off to celebrate

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[Peka]Derkati 6 tuntia sitten 
i want to go the beta
Coffeman84 23 tuntia sitten 
How can i join the BETA?
♠ DIVREDUX ♠ 16. elo 21.16 
shit beta or no beta, i bought this game for this mode alone and i cant access it? should have done my research before buying....
[BMRSTD] RaptorRapture 15. elo 17.39 
Any update on the "Box of Tricks"?
Kenzo 15. elo 12.29 
Would sure enjoy giving my part in the development of the new mode.
Draginator 14. elo 9.17 
being part of the beta would be awesome!
TheGrantyMan 14. elo 8.04 
I'd love to be part of the beta!
AntoPrivat 14. elo 5.28 
I want to join the beta too. Thanks!
Major_Glory 12. elo 15.43 
Is it still possible to join the beta?
Kaori_Mori.wav 11. elo 11.04 
I'd love to join the beta.