Box Of Tricks Closed Beta and 70% Off to celebrate

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@Cherry Pop Games
Can i join the Beta?
Ser Tigz 30. sep kl. 4:19am 
Has anyone actually heard back about how to join the beta? I'd like to join too, but nobody seems to have replied about it. :)
Rustic_Chaos 18. sep kl. 6:39am 
I want a key
Picard 8. sep kl. 4:52am 
plsea gib trickshot mod i m dieing of no have trickshot
EXLR8 27. aug kl. 5:43pm 
Im lost
Cheshire [ITA] 26. aug kl. 4:32pm 
When the Box of tricks will be available to everyone who legally bought this game? This "closed beta" stars 5 moths ago, a closed beta about a feature that was supposed to be present at the launch... I bought a game, not a part of it and hoping for the rest ; I paid the game, not a part of it by saying: "hey guys, I'll pay the rest later, maybe". Then...when you release this feature? or is it just a scam?
.TT #0 25. aug kl. 3:17pm 
Beta key please, i bought this game
Amphetamine|Jas 24. aug kl. 9:27pm 
Beta key please!
SHiiFT 22. aug kl. 3:40pm 
I want to be in the Beta
[Peka]Derkati 22. aug kl. 8:30am 
i want to go the beta