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MARCH 17, 2014 - Since the fans clamored to have their Survival Mode, Adam Sawkins and the crew at ProjectorGames have been hard at work on crafting an addictive and involving Survival Experience. If you have not tried the Survival Mode yet, this update provides plenty of reasons to play

With build 1.80d going live, FCE gamers are in for a major update giving fans a host of new features:
  • Conveyor Belts and Filters allow players to create a fully-automated base
  • Research station - player scan their surroundings in order to unlock crafting recipes.
  • Craftable Upgrades for Ore Extractors and Ore Smelters
  • Craftable Upgrades for the ARTHER pet and the player suit
  • Vein Scanner and Ore Ping allow players to search for necessary resources
  • Improved Crafting Interface
  • New Textures for most machines!
  • Added the first of the base defenses - the Popup Turret!
Here is a run down of how to start up a Survival Mode game and what to expect:

From the World Select Screen go to a panel with an unused world. Press CONTROL+S then select the world. After your ship crash lands into the alien world below, your challenge to survive begins!

You will be on the hunt to stave off Hypothermia, find resources, and build machines that will power your base and ensure your survival.

A beginners guide to Survival Mode can be found here:

For the complete list of updates, fixes and new features CLICK HERE.
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