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So, the translation support is proving to be a much larger task than I'd anticipated. Sadly, I'd already massively over-estimated, so this has become a huge quagmire of sadness and tedium. So, where are we?

Right now, all the terrain, items, manufacturing recipes and the handbook have full translation support, as well as the main menu. We have a wonderful set of volunteers who are rapidly beginning to regret helping out on such a massive project, working away on German, Finnish and Swedish, so if you're a fan, and speak the right language, head over to the Discord translation room and feel free to help out!

And just a reminder; Patreons get access to the RailGun, but I've had literally zero feedback on it so far. Does that mean it's far too hard to get?

And in completely unrelated news, I've finally gotten Todd to get around to putting together Steam Greenlight pages for as-yet-unreleased games. A view and a yes vote, if you think you'd like to play them, would be ever so appreciated!

Patch 17 will come out as soon as it's ready, with partial translation support, the RailGun, and the most-requested machine, a Mass Storage Input machine that allows you to limit how much is inserted into Mass Storage.

Never let it be said that I don't listen to what the community wants!
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