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You're all so bloody lovely. Like a hundred of you wished me well, and that's just amazing. For those of you who want a few more details, well, you'll have to wait for the *proper* post (and that will have to wait until I can use a mouse...), but, in short, I was riding a ZZR-1400 *on a racetrack*, not on the highway.

I was distracted during braking by another rider in the wrong position, and locked the front wheel up, causing me to flip upwards off of the bike.,

Yes, bikes do go that fast; top speed of that old girl was about 203 mph (~330 kph) and, until I ran out of talent, it was a really fun day in the sun.

My next bike is quite likely to be a little less... large and ABS has shot up to the top of my priority list on it!

All in all tho, I've ended up with a hell of a story; how many people can say they fell off a motorbike at just under a quarter of the speed of sound and walk away?

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