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Here's what's new!

  • The Stormsmith Stormcaller has been added to the Cygnar Faction!

  • The Greylord has been added to the Khador Faction!

  • The Decimator Warjack has been added to the Khador Faction!

  • The Vassal of Menoth has been added to the Protectorate of Menoth Faction!

  • The Iron Lich Overseer has been added to the Cryx Faction!

    Below are the current hotkeys! They may be subject to change and more will be added.

    Z: deselect unit or end activation. TAB: cycle squad members. SPACEBAR: cycle targets. DEL: end turn. G: toggle grid. ALT-F9: toggle UI.

    Fixed Bugs

  • Units participating in Combined Ranged Attack will no longer block LOS to other participating units.

  • Fixed an issue where players could become stuck on the loading screen while returning to the main menu.

  • Siege and Severius's feats are now working correctly.

    Known Issues

  • Units that move into the Iron Lich Overseer's Cloak of Darkness ability after its activation do not gain stealth.

  • The Vassal of Menoth's Ancillary Attack is currently unavailable.

  • The grid and grid-targeting highlights (when using Flame Wall or Mage Sight) will appear beneath parts of the terrain in Snowy Valley.

  • Strakhov's Overrun ability is currently unavailable.

  • Strakhov's Iron Fist does not grant Pathfinder.

  • Asphyxious's Teleport will not accept destinations he could not normally move to.

  • Units performing Combined Melee Attack will do a Ranged Attack aiming animation.

  • Units performing Combined Ranged Attack do not Aim at their target.

  • Units can execute a combined attack by themselves, though do not receive any bonuses to their attack as a result.

  • Revenger Repulsor shield does not push targets it hits or units that attack the Revenger in its front arc.

  • Casting Windrush while affected by Shadowbind will cause Sorscha's activation to end prematurely.

  • Heavy Warjacks cannot trample through small-base units that are adjacent to one another.

  • Heavy Warjacks cannot trample if their trample movement would incur a free strike.

  • Set Defense does not increase defense against slam attacks.

  • Units sometimes will show incorrect facing after moving diagonally or hit with a Free Strike.

  • Warjacks will sometimes not play all their attack animations when performing multiple attacks.

  • Putting focus into Stationary Units will remove the Frozen visual effect, even if the Stationary Effect is not yet shaken.

  • Units will appear to sink into either platform in the Forest Ruins map when standing on certain squares.

  • Units can move through the stone blocks near each deployment zone in forest ruins.

  • Trencher Smoke Grenades and the Flameguard Cleanser's Incinerate produce concealment, but do not function as Cloud Effects.

  • Slamming a model into another model does not cause collateral damage or knockdown to the second model.


  • Computers running 32-bit Windows may see a crash when quitting to the main menu.

  • Rare crash occurring on certain hardware configurations.

  • If you're running software like Fraps or dxtory, the game may be unstable
    If you experience any crashes, please email us with the circumstance of the crash, your dxdiag file, and warmachinegame.log file.

    Coming Soon!

  • Warjack Power Attacks: Throw and Two-Handed Throw

  • Single-Player AI Skirmish Mode
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