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City Streets is ready to go!

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  • The Hydra can now gain more than his maximum focus allocation through the Kinetic Capacitor.
  • Players no longer have to deselect units when their actions are finished. Selecting another units will automatically deselect them. (This can be turned off in the options menu)
  • The Squad Constructor now lists alternate skins for a unit as a collapsible list underneath the base unit.
  • Mercenary units are now listed beneath faction units on the Squad Constructor.
  • City Streets multiplayer map is now available.


  • Trampling units now resolve free strikes at the end of their movement.
  • Canceling out of a charge no longer prevents a new charge destination from being selected.
  • Changed the Grid Highlights on squares affected by spells to a less overwhelming color and style.
  • The damage bonus on a ranged weapon is now properly displayed in the character information window.
  • Move actions can no longer be performed after special attacks.
  • Spells cast by non-warcaster units are considered combat actions.
  • Units charging range of Positive Charge now get the MAT bonus on the charge swing.
  • Fixed an issue where a Free strike could stop a warjack from completing a run.
  • The Hydra can no longer trigger Chain Attack: Grab and Smash after making a power attack.
  • The Hydra can no longer use the free power attack from Chain Attack: Grab and Smash on a different target.
  • Fixed an issue where Vyros's Eliminator triggered his extra movement on killing friends with blast damage, and not when killing enemies with blast damage.
  • Throw attacks no longer displace units of the same size as the thrown unit.
  • Greygore Boomhowler can no longer make a second Fell Call after leading a Combined Melee Attack.
  • Severius's Eye of Menoth spell no longer causes Death Sentence to deal damage.
  • The Bonus damage from Backstab and Poison now properly stack.
  • Units immune to blast damage will now take damage from Asphyious's Consuming Blight feat, as it is no longer consider blast damage.
  • The Eye of Menoth spell now correctly shows the bonus RAT on a unit's ranged weapon.
  • Ancillary Attack now allows all the warjack's weapons to be used.
  • Ancillary Attack no longer allows a Warjack to use both their Ranged and Melee weapon when near a knocked down unit.
  • Jarok Croe and the Cutthroats can no longer use Bushwack to charge a unit and then use a move action.
  • Gorman, Eiryss and the Gun Mages special attacks are now listed on their unit cards.
  • Flank bonus no longer affects spells, is restricted to melee attacks.
  • Energizer spell movement no longer affected by Blind.
  • Exemplar Errants can no longer trigger Quick Work by Killing a Friendly Unit.
  • The Overrun spell can no longer trigger by killing friendly units.
  • The Gun Mage Thunderbolt Runeshot can no longer push friendly units.
  • Temple Flameguard can no longer charge units behind Cloud Effects.
  • Battle Mages can no longer charge units behind Cloud Effects.
  • Silence of Death no longer affects ranged weapons.
  • Electrify can now trigger from power attacks.
  • Units that forfeit movement can no longer change facing and make a ranged attack.
  • Blast Damage now inflicts the correct damage type from the parent spell or special attack.
  • Log entries now indicate whether damage is blast or non-blast damage.
  • The Blind effect from Gorman's Black Oil no longer blocks non-offensive spells.
  • Units participating in a combined ranged attack will no longer get the Aiming Bonus if they had moved that turn.
  • Eiryss is now able to charge.
  • Assault Kommandos now do proper charge damage from Assault and Battery.
  • Cloud effects properly grant concealment.
  • Severius' Death Sentence no longer grants rerolls to attacks from the target unit.

  • The water texture on some single player missions can appear as a solid grey texture.
  • The Mangler's Thresher attack does not benefit from boosted attack rolls while under Magnus's Iron Aggression.
  • Units sometimes will show incorrect facing after moving diagonally or hit with a Free Strike.
  • Enemy Cinerators in Mission 7 may become stuck if the player runs their army to the mine when the Mission begins.
  • Framerate may drop or hang during the AI turn on Single Player and Skirmish Matches with heavy troop numbers or systems with minimum required hardware.
  • The Renegade warjack's Critical Shred does not trigger on a charge.
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