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April 2017

Hotfix will be coming later this week to fix a couple minor issues.

-Several pieces in the User Interface have been given a streamlined design and re-skin! Turn Timer, Combat Log, Mission Objectives, Enemy Targeting, Escape Menu, Confirmation Dialogs, OOT activations, Toolbox, and the Action Bar are all new and improved. Minimap has been removed.

Balance Changes
-No balance changes for this release.

Fixed Bugs
-Fixed a major bug that prevented Mac builds from loading.
-Turn timer is now disabled in single player games.
-Hotkeys are no longer disabled when tabbing between elements.
-UI now correctly clarifies when an action is disallowed and why.
-Private matches now have updated art and restored functionality.
-Stormcall and Detonate Halfjack Mine no longer cause crashes.

Known Issues
-Lines drawn to targets in range are sometimes not drawn to all valid targets.
-The Free Strike Warning message may appear incorrectly under certain circumstances.
-A warjack's model may not despawn if killed while knocked down.
-Enemy Cinerators in Mission 7 may become stuck if the player runs their army to the mine when the Mission begins.
-Framerate may drop or hang during the AI turn on Single Player and Skirmish Matches with heavy troop numbers or systems with minimum required hardware.
-There are currently no Hotkey or Keybindings settings in the Options Menu.
-Darius cannot deploy in ranked MP, this will be fixed in upcoming hotfix.
-Alexia can sometimes cause a stuck activation when crafting thrall runes.
-Currently overlapping old and new UI when deploying in No Man's Land campaign, this will be fixed in upcoming hotfix.
-If you experience a crash, please email us with the circumstance of the crash, your dxdiag file, and your warmachinegame.log file.
-Please check our Known Issues Mega List in the Bug Reports page on our forums for a full list of Known Issues.
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