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Aliens and Hell Lord Spawners are here!

* Spawn blocks can be found randomly in the world. They are most common in Scavenger mode.
* Spawners generate enemies once you activate them with right click.
* There are 3 types of blocks found in caves: Basic Zombie, Dangerous Zombie and Alien spawners.
* Hell spawners can be found on the floors of the Hell Biome.
* A powerful Hell Lord will be summoned -- Larger and tougher than the normal version!
* Overall spawner logic has been improved.
* Spawners will reset if you run too far from the monsters.
* Earn loot blocks for clearing spawners.

We plan to shift focus to some more popular requests in upcoming updates - ones that fit into our available resources. We also would like to use spawners for some other content in the future. For now, we hope you enjoy some harder encounters!
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