Rescue: Everyday Heroes 1.4.6 Changelog

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cstandridge Feb 26 @ 10:27am 
There needs to be more interactions with the trucks it shows an axe on the rescue trucks to pull the jaws out but where is the axe and you only have 2 different hose lines first you need to be able to connect the hoses and then have more different size hoses im a firefighter and we have 1 and a qaurter 2 and a half 3 and 5 inch hoses and plus the tanker need to be able to put its water into the engine with the yellow hose line. Dont get me wrong this is a great game but still has a long way to go. Oh yeah we need more trucks and better sirens lights are great.
doky Dec 7, 2014 @ 2:13pm 
Glad to see developers are still working on the game. Hopefully we see the other bugs squashed.
Exitido May 10, 2014 @ 11:52am 
where is the spanish language?
redgoblin Apr 12, 2014 @ 3:36am 
Go patch the other bugs.
swordfish Apr 11, 2014 @ 3:48pm 
so are you going to fix all the other bugs and issues. Read the forums you know what they are.
alastantas250 Apr 8, 2014 @ 2:15am 
Spanish language should be nice.