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You can now enjoy the powerful vocal tracks from The Cat Lady as DLC (MP3 format).

The Cat Lady - Music From The Video Game features tracks including Inside, Forever and Don't You Worry Love by Warmer, 5iah and Tears of Mars.

Your purchase helps support the artists and their talents, thank you!

12 songs are included. Once installed, they can be played via Library > Music or found in your SteamApps folder typically in TheCatLady > Soundtrack > Soundtrack*

The album is available elsewhere (iTunes etc) but you won't find it cheaper than here on Steam!

Please note - it's currently only available here in MP3 format, but if and when it's possible, we will be sure to include additional OGG files.

* 25th Nov: This folder name is tentative on release and may be updated to read something a little more explanatory in the coming weeks.

Thanks and enjoy the music!

(And props to those who's great TCL fan-art we used for the album!)

If you have a problem installing the DLC please let us know here as this is our first attempt at creating a DLC, so there may be a quirk or two in the first week or so!
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